It’s not just about money – it’s a mindset thing too

‘It’s possible to shift your perspective, mindset and emotions regardless of your past with money.’

Growing up, I quickly learned money doesn’t grow on trees.

It’s commonly known that early childhood experiences form beliefs and attitudes that impact how we interact money when become adults. An early negative experience can develop beliefs such as ‘I can’t afford my goal and that stressing about money is just a way of life.’ Building a healthy mindset with money can transform the way money is used as a tool in your life – thoughts turn into things after all.

‘I made a choice to translate my scarcity mindset into an abundant one’

When I was younger, I made a choice to focus on an abundant mindset because I needed to feel as though my dreams were attainable. By doing so, I realised that setting goals and having a good relationship with money meant that I had more freedom and choice in my life. This inspired me to dream big and work twice as hard.

Many people do not learn a lot about money until early adulthood, at a time when income and expenses need to be managed. The lack of understanding can lead to one of the most common stressors in people’s lives – money.

It’s possible to shift your perspective, mindset and emotions regardless of your past with money.
Working hard for a job promotion could affect how much you are bringing home at the end of the year and funding a dream. Becoming mindful of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs with the way you earn money and save for goals will help you transform the way you achieve goals.

Money is a tool used to fund life goals and live out bucket list experiences throughout your life. If you follow a plan to fund your goals by managing your money strategically, will you have the mindset and motivation to push through obstacles along the way.

A healthy money mindset will open your eyes to barriers that were previously in the way of you achieving your goals using an open-ended approach. When your goals are backed by your personal values, it helps to drive your focus to the outcome – giving your actions purpose to get you to the finish line.

Setting goals and celebrating small wins helps build positive self-belief about what you think you can and can’t achieve. Strategic planning involves breaking down a dream as a g.o.a.l (guide of all limitations) to see all of your own limitations and visualise what it would take to bridge the gap.

This is what I love to do. Goals based conversations are fundamental to plan for a fulfilling and happy life.

If you believe in something enough and apply S.M.A.R.T strategic goals to your dreams – they can come true.

– Stefano Duro | Principal Adviser | Co-founder Pure Private Wealth

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