What is digital interactive financial advice?

by Stefano Duro | Principal adviser & co-founder

Digital interactive advice with an adviser is what the SpaceX & NASA launch crew were to Bob & Doug when launching into space and off to the International Space Station (ISS). Your financial plan is like the rocket. Before launching, the team conduct a deep investigation into how they can achieve the goal working with the best technology to prepare the rocket for a safe launch in the right direction. After many years of practice and planning, they are on course to hit the ultimate goal of making it to the ISS.

When they lay out their plans, they use many different factors in determining different outcomes, building different scenarios and choosing outcomes with the highest probability of success. They can use that information to ensure that Bob & Doug will make it though launch & to their destination safe and sound.

The Pure team, like the launch crew, understand take off is only the beginning of the journey. After launch, there are many tasks that need to be calculated and completed in order to maintain their direction continues towards the ISS.

As Bob & Doug make their way into orbit, they maintain their connection using technology and continuing to communicate with the launch crew by checking in, tracking progress and maintaining focus on the end goal.

Many life events happen along your journey with each milestone and goal tracking guide by your adviser and technology. We plan the whole launch from start to finish.

When building your advice or as we call it your WealthMap, we connect using technology to enhance your experience to visualise future outcomes with a plan towards achieving your goals.

There are many variables along the way as we plan for the future. Pure advisers use intelligent advice software, advice intelligence (a.i), to design your strategy and deliver your financial plan. Just how NASA & SpaceX use tech to communicate, when we use technology it enables us to plan like never before.

This is all a part of our goals based advice discovery process.

When we use tech, it allow us to focus more on your goals and possible outcomes with all of your financial information in one place. lt helps you get a clear and understanding of trade-offs and outcomes focused on future goal achievability ay the heart of your plan.

Similar to the launch crew, once advice is launched, we then need to maintain the flight path throughout the journey.

With goals, tracking, advice and your financial world at your fingertips, digital interactive online advice can keep you on track anywhere. Online meetings create creating greater efficiencies and adviser availability throughout the process and in the future.

When using your WealthMap, you can enter details, goals and updates to achieve your goals.

In a nut shell, our goals based advice service is designed for you to meet online with an adviser putting goals to action with smart tech to bring advice to life for you to see, manage, and track your goals.

‘When we use technology, we can plan like never before.

– Stefano Duro

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