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What does your dream life look like?

Taking you from where you are today to where you need to be in the future

– Stefano Duro

Ongoing management

Support | Manage | Track | Adjust 

We’re here for you on your evolving wealth journey. We’ve designed ongoing membership packages to support, review, service and track goal achievability success over time.

We will recommend and agree on ongoing services when your advice recommendations and strategies are delivered to you in your online Statement of Advice (SoA).

Why people don’t achieve their goals

  • unresourceful language, self talk and/or cognitive behavioural patterns.
  • There are no tools that help guide, educate, act, track and motivate.

How people achieve their goals

The more active you are in setting and keeping track of your goals, the higher your probability will be to get your desired result.

  • use a proven goal setting system
  • balance planning and action
  • set s.m.a.r.t goals for their life
  • have a goal review system
  • celebrate milestones along the way
  • seek expert help when they face challenges
  • work with an adviser to achieve their goals seek inspiration to get through tough times

Goals management

Your goals and outcomes matter to us. Helping you achieve your life and financial goals is not something we take lightly but it is something we take pride in.

Pure plans

Pure has designed ongoing packages dedicated to support you with accountability, reviews and tracking – the special ingredient to achieving any goal.

A summary of our ongoing services:

Track & optimise – Through your WealthApp, you can view your financial situation anywhere, anytime, and get real time updates and reminders from us to keep you on track to reach your goals. We directly track advice strategies to your specific goals to identify whether you are ‘on’ or ‘off’ track throughout every step of your journey.

WealthApp – View your financial world in one place, from cash flow and net worth, portfolio performance and investments, to spending plans and goals – it’s all right there at your fingertips. Interactive, intuitive and a great way of staying connected to achieve your goals.

Ongoing Support and Servicing – Implementing your advice with administration support relating to your goals and advice strategies. Investment management and wealth protection reviews with updates along the way.

Wealth management | Cash flow management | Wealth coaching – Focused on providing accountability and goal tracking with the guidance of an adviser to keep you clear and empowered on your journey to achieve your chosen life goals.

Your WealthApp

All ongoing services include online access to your own online portal

Wealth management

Ongoing personal wealth management is where you have access to active adviser management with regular communication, reviews and education.

Services may include:

  • Investment reviews and portfolio management
  • Superannuation and contribution management
  • Wealth protection reviews
  • Asset and details reviews
  • Ongoing tax planning

Cashflow management

Ongoing cashflow management helps you stay on track to fund your life goals and stick to your plan.

Services may include:

  • Tracking and optimising spending plans
  • Debt minimisation tracking and review
  • Planning for big purchases and short-term goals
  • Updating your details in your WealthApp to model future outcomes

Ongoing wealth coaching

Ongoing wealth coaching to empower you to reach your lifestyle and financial goes as time goes on.

Services may include:

  • Accountability and guidance
  • One on one financial coaching
  • Online coaching meetings with modelling
  • Goals planning, review and tracking
  • Ongoing education as you grow

S.M.A.R.T goals

Specific – Are you on track to achieve your goals?

Measurable | Modelled | Milestone – Are your finances on track to fund your goals?

Achievable – Are the trade offs and actions reflected in your growth?

Relevant – Has your situation changed? Are your goals still relevant to your ‘big picture’ or do we need to make some changes?

Timing – Does your timeline need to be adjusted? Are you ‘on’ or ‘off’ track to reach your goals by a certain time?

S.M.A.R.T goals

To break it down, we believe it’s just as important to track and monitor progress as it is to set S.M.A.R.T goals in the first place. We are not only dedicated to measuring the achievability of your goals but take pride in supporting your journey to reach the desired results along the way.

Goals based advice from home

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