Our Process

This is just the beginning

Let today be the start of something new

Welcome to the future of financial advice

This is the beginning of something special – we can feel it.

We’ve designed a simple process to get you started online, a truly visual interactive experience.

Digital interactive financial advice

We follow a five step engagement process outlined below.

Step by step guide:

Step #1

The beginning

When you start your journey with Pure, we offer two options:

Option 1: Start online Via our Wealth-app and enter key info.

Option 2: Book a free intro meeting online Via our booking page

Step #2

We start the goals based conversation

You will have an online meeting an adviser to discuss your goals and what you want to achieve.

We discuss how we can help you. Together, we establish the areas of advice you need to reach your goals.

Once we’re clear on how to proceed, we send you a letter of engagement outlining our agreement.

Step #3

Interactive client discovery

Now that your goals are clear, we dive deeper & learn more about your details.

During the interactive discovery process, we discuss your current scenario, goals and outcomes you would like to achieve and clarify details you’ve provided us with.

Step #4

Follow up meeting

We meet online for a client facing co-creation experience where you play an active role in determining your future. We prepare different possible scenarios with a combination of trade offs, to discover different ways you can achieve your goals over time.

Once this meeting is complete, we finalise advice strategies in our next meeting.

Step #5

It’s Ready!

Your advice is ready.

It’s time to review your Statement of Advice online with your adviser via your online portal. We also provide you with all the relative documents & information associated.

We go through advice strategies together outlining our recommendations to help achieve your goals and manage them over time.

Once you’re happy with the advice, we will move into the implementation phase.

Welcome to Pure ongoing.


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